medSR To Implement New Electronic Health Record Platform For Russell Medical Center



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We are proud to work with Russell Medical Center to select and implement the MEDITECH as a Service electronic health record (EHR) solution for its East Central Alabama hospital.

Russell Medical Center, accredited in 1959, is one of three Alabama hospitals that received a five-star rating from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The nonprofit hospital chose medSR to help select an EHR to replace the legacy MEDITECH Magic the hospital uses. medSR worked with Russell Medical Center to identify and prioritize the hospital’s needs while also evaluating ease-of-use for each platform and the cost of implementation.

Based on the credibility and trust that we’ve cultivated with Russell Medical Center throughout the selection process, our team was also chosen to help implement the new EHR platform.

“Implementing a new EHR solution can be a daunting task for any healthcare organization,” said Matt Fisher, chief financial officer at Russell Medical. “Asking our staff and physicians to take on something like this without additional implementation support was out of the question, as we need to focus on delivering quality care for our patients. medSR’s knowledge of the health IT landscape made the selection process comprehensive, and the implementation process will focus on adopting best practice workflows to benefit our patients, physicians, and employees. medSR helped us select the ideal system for our needs and create a personalized strategy for implementation. They are taking what is an extremely complicated and difficult process and simplifying it for us.”

Implementing a comprehensive EHR solution that impacts the delivery of patient care is no small task and often requires significant staff and technology resources. The multi-stage process requires calculating hardware and software set-ups and system configurations that support interaction with other technology, people, processes, and the organization’s culture. With our vendor-agnostic skillset and MEDITECH knowledge, we are a premier healthcare information technology and operations consulting firm which can work alongside any healthcare organization to select the proper solutions that meet their specific needs. We also provide end-to-end implementation services that improve a company’s internal operations and performance.

“Not every healthcare facility is equipped or staffed to implement critical systems on their own,” said Dwight Garvin, medSR’s executive vice president and chief operating officer. “medSR is trained and equipped for exactly this type of engagement. We know hospitals’ special needs and can easily handle the selection and implementation process, including managing the budget, securing board and committee approval, staff training, and go-live support. Relying on our staff and services for these tasks allows the hospital staff to focus on care delivery.”

medSR’s vendor-agnostic health information technology expertise and consultation services help medical practices select and implement the right systems.

Author: CareCloud, Our comprehensive suite of software and services empowers providers nationwide to gain control of their future. Click here to view the Press Release.


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