Benefits of Staff Augmentation in Healthcare

Staff Augmentation in Healthcare

Healthcare is an ever-evolving industry. With changing regulations and staffing issues, it has become crucial to find a solution that addresses the needs of the industry. This is where staffing augmentation comes in. By leveraging the skill and expertise of trained staff, providers can meet their goals and actively tend to the needs of their practice. This also helps cut recruitment costs, as outsourcing your goals to a team cuts down on recruitment costs.

According to the Society of Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) study, the cost of hiring one employee is approximately $4,700, and the onboarding process can take up to 53 days. As a result, businesses are adopting staff augmentation to cut costs and fill gaps in their workforce. In this article, you will gain in-depth knowledge about staff augmentation and the benefits it has to offer.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a service that allows healthcare providers to hire skilled and talented people to meet specific goals and needs. It involves maximizing a team’s competencies and filling talent gaps to fulfill deadlines and meet goals more quickly. 

With staff augmentation, you can get the assistance you need on a scalable, per-project basis that allows flexibility in hiring processes. This also makes it simple to concentrate on the larger picture and your company’s objectives. Businesses of all sizes use augmented staffing to complete tasks because it is convenient, affordable, and efficient. The following are some of the benefits of this service:

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Experienced Staff

Staffing Augmentation allows practice owners to hire from a pool of experienced and talented individuals rather than a limited pool of applicants at the practice.

Additionally, healthcare professionals can assign tasks to those individuals that are specifically skilled and seasoned to conduct those tasks well, allowing for a guaranteed improvement in practice protocol. Since the pool of skilled individuals is diverse, healthcare professionals can periodically hire individuals to conduct practice tasks.

Skill-based Employment

Instead of hiring a full-time practice staff member that may be a costly addition to the team, hiring temporarily for skills-based assignments can help practice owners choose short-term staff that specializes in a specific area of the practice operations, making them the perfect fit for the exact workflow you desire.

Skill-based short-term employment is an easy way to hire skilled personnel that is reliable and efficient and can allow practice owners to no longer need micromanagement plans for practice operations. Skilled staff is bound to complete tasks timely and accurately without causing health professionals any stress regarding meaningful outcomes.

Reduced Costs   

Companies can save money by using staff augmentation. The benefit of opting for staff augmentation is that, unlike an employee, you do not have to pay for employee benefits, taxes, monthly salaries, or other expenses. You opt for an experienced staff and pay them for their time and expertise. It helps eliminate the cost of training as well, since with staff augmentation, you do not need to train the experts.

Additionally, hiring temporary personnel allows practice owners to avail themselves of the skill without having to pay extra. Suppose a skilled specialist is only required for certain time periods during the year. In that case, hiring temporary staff for just that period allows healthcare professionals to save time and money without having to cut back on quality.

Increased Adaptability

One huge benefit of staff augmentation is scalability. With this extended workforce, you can scale your team at any time in order to accomplish a specific goal or meet a target. Bringing in experienced people will also improve the quality of your services at a lower cost.


Staff augmentation allows you to manage projects and conduct routine monitoring. When you outsource your projects, you won’t be able to monitor their progress. The quality of your project will entirely depend on the outsourced crew. This can create differences in the expected and desired outcomes pertaining to certain tasks.

With staff augmentation, you can position your staff wherever it is needed. This allows healthcare professionals to maintain the necessary control in order to maximize outcomes. Additionally, it helps lower the security and privacy risks associated with typical outsourcing.

Counteract Attrition

The demand for staff augmentation results from staffing issues. It can benefit businesses by improving project management strategies and delivery times. Staff augmentation is beneficial to businesses as it provides them with a workforce on hand and leverages the knowledge of experts.

Additionally, short-term employees can provide a unique perspective on current practice protocols, allowing healthcare professionals to create an environment centered around fresher perspectives and innovative mindsets.


Staff augmentation has the potential to revolutionize healthcare staffing. Since staff shortages in the healthcare industry are bound to create challenges for a long, undefined period, staffing augmentation can create avenues of innovation to counter these challenges.

Healthcare organizations can bring in professionals with specific expertise to fill gaps in different areas that can help ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care and that the organization remains competitive in a rapidly advancing healthcare industry.


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