medSR learning expert contributes to new healthcare IT training textbook

Linda Hainlen

Linda Hainlen

Linda is a visionary leader with over 30 years of experience in healthcare training and performance outcomes. She is currently the Director of Business Development at medSR.

As healthcare technology advances, healthcare professionals must stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and their applications. One of the most critical components of ensuring the successful implementation of healthcare IT is the training provided to healthcare professionals. At medSR, our MEDITECH implementation teams understand the importance of healthcare training best practices, and we are proud to acknowledge one of our training experts, Linda Hainlen, for her contribution to the book “Healthcare Technology Training: An Evidence-based Guide for Improved Quality.”

Published by Springer last year, this textbook is a practical yet comprehensive guide for achieving success in all stages of healthcare technology training creation and implementation. The book’s focus on evidence-based best practices offers educators, students, and current informaticians in healthcare settings a valuable resource for effective healthcare IT education.

Linda Hainlen and four other experts contributed to the book by sharing insights and practical recommendations for creating and delivering effective healthcare technology training programs. Her contributions were informed by her experience as an EHR training expert, where she has helped healthcare professionals acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to implement healthcare technologies, including MEDITECH successfully.

At medSR, we recognize the critical role of healthcare technology training in ensuring successful healthcare IT implementation. That’s why we are proud to have Linda Hainlen as part of our team, and we congratulate her on her contribution to this essential textbook. We firmly believe that the book’s emphasis on evidence-based best practices will serve as a valuable resource to help healthcare professionals stay informed and effective in their roles.

In conclusion, “Healthcare Technology Training: An Evidence-based Guide for Improved Quality” is a must-have resource for anyone involved in healthcare technology education. As healthcare technology evolves, this book provides a comprehensive guide to help educators, students, and current informaticians stay ahead of the curve. At medSR, we are honored to have one of our training experts contribute to this valuable resource, and we look forward to continuing to offer industry-leading healthcare IT training services to healthcare professionals across the globe. The book can be purchased through Amazon.

Author: Linda Hainlen, Linda is a Kirkpatrick Partners Certified Facilitator. Under Linda’s leadership, her department at IU Health was awarded the ASTD BEST award in 2011. Linda also served on the design team that created IU Health’s corporate university called The Learning Alliance. Linda is a contributing author to a the recent publication “Healthcare Technology Training”. She also has co-written two ATD InfoLines – one of which has been translated into 85 languages and co-wrote a white paper with Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick.


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